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Automatic Transmission Repair and Rebuilding Service

At Dossett’s Garage, Inc. we service and repair foreign and domestic car and truck automatic and manual transmissions and trans-axles. We rebuild all makes and models:

  • Allisons
  • Automatics and standards
  • Differentials
  • Converters
  • Flywheels & clutches
  • U-Joints
  • Axels and Transfer cases

Transmission Maintenance

One of the biggest reasons for automatic transmission failure is due to lack of maintenance. Owner’s manuals recommend transmission fluid service at every 30,000 miles. In Indiana it is suggested you have the fluid and filter service done once a year due to the extreme range of temperatures we experience here. Transmission fluid is highly dependent on operating temperatures. Frequent stop and go driving or towing can cause automatic transmission fluid to heat up and break down sooner allowing wear and damage to the transmission’s parts. In certain cases, external cooling of the transmission fluid can be used to prolong the fluid’s effectiveness.

Anderson Indiana Anderson UniversityProper Diagnosis

It is very helpful though not vital for to us to have a good description of the behavior of the vehicle and any specific problems or sounds etc. that you have experienced. This can help us zero in quickly on the potential issues. No matter what the issue is, at Dossett’s Garage, Inc. we are well equipped to deal with the full range of automatic transmission diagnostic methods and issues. These include instrument panel lights, poor performance, slipping and harsh shifts or odd noises etc.

Many transmission issues can be easily corrected, that’s why it is so important to have proper training for an accurate diagnosis of your transmission problem. We use state of the art diagnostic equipment like Snap-On scanners and pressure gauges, Mitchell On-demand and ATSE to make the proper repairs.

Determine Needed Transmission Repairs

Once the diagnosis is complete, it is necessary for the tech to determine the required repairs. We will inform you of the needed repairs and keep you updated as to progress or issues that arise. Some transmission repairs can be as simple as a soleniod replacement. When minor issues are ignored, they can eventually lead to the need for a major overhaul or complete transmission rebuild.

Completed Repairs

Our work will cover all of the parts of the transmission to address any problem areas. We will replace any lined friction, clutch plates, gaskets, seals, bands etc. that are worn or are out of spec and reassemble the transmission and install it back in to your vehicle. Our work includes checking each unit for the latest software upgrade downloads. After a repair has been completed, the tech drives the vehicle to make sure the customer’s problem has been corrected. The entire system is monitored and pressure gauges are used to verify that the work was completed properly before the vehicle is returned to the customer.